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Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Blending Community Feelings with Hard Data

When it comes to building a new school, renovating an old one, or opting for maintenance, the decisions school leaders face can be emotional. These choices impact students, educators, coaches, employees, parents and the community. Foster, Jacobs & Johnson, Inc (FJJ) has a uniquely qualified team to guide leaders through the process and take some of the stress away.

What they bring to the table is a comprehensive process of not only engaging the community, but also developing data and analytics to help school and community leaders understand, factually, what’s happening in their community and what the needs truly are. This gives leaders the ability to back up whatever decision they make to move their district forward.

Specifically, FJJ provides detailed demographic analysis to understand what the future building occupants will be. They perform a comprehensive operational and energy analysis to understand what the cost is to run these facilities. They do comprehensive building assessment to find out if there is deferred maintenance and what the cost would be. They also look at the financial situation and provide different financial tools to help their customers devise a financial plan in addition to the facilities plan. At this point those customers can start determining what the best course of action is.

What truly makes the FJJ process unique, however, is the way they engage the community. The FJJ team orchestrates anywhere from 10 to 40 community engagement meetings. These meetings give citizens the opportunity to come up with ideas and actions to implement a project in a structured environment. This provides the balance between quantitative and qualitative data.

Approaching projects this way gives FJJ customers peace of mind when they present to their school boards. The best part for them is the certainty they have knowing they’ve made the right decision to have a positive impact not only on the school district, but on their community.