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Superior Service and Outcomes in Facility Construction Administration

Our 3 phase Fully Integrated Master Planning services provide a superior project experience and final product

Phase 1:

Building data collection, facility adequacy assessments, financial analysis, and Stakeholder meetings

Phase 2:

Data analysis, Option development and financial Solutions, stakeholder feedback sessions

Phase 3:

Master plan development and stakeholder approval and project execution

Long Range Planning

Value Definition Workshops

Communicate Findings

Our Services

Strategic Master Planning

Strategic facility master planning seeks to address the long term needs of a client and its stakeholders based upon extensive studies/analysis of trends and long term organization goals.  Strategic Master plans are designed to ensure a clear facility plan for now and into the future.

Life-Cycle Planning

Life-Cycle planning approaches the decision making process as a balance between short-term and long-term cost. A customer implementing a facility life cycle plan will be able to make the correct choices to maintain facility integrity and minimize cost over time.

Design Management

Design management services seek to optimize the design delivery process. An optimal design meets the scope, needs and budgetary limitations of our clients.

Contracting Process

Contracting process services involve assistance with the bidding and contractual aspect of a project. This service allows owners to make informed decisions when entering a contract, and helps ensure that both the owner and contractor understand the project scope.

Energy/sustainability planning

The development and Implementation of sustainable infrastructure, equipment and designs. Sustainability planning plays a critical role in saving money and the environment.  You can save green ($) by going green.

Value Engineering

The value engineering process results in a maximum value for the client while keeping cost to a minimum where possible. Value engineering focuses on creative building and design solutions to achieve budgetary goals without compromising the functional needs of the project.

Facility Condition Assessment

A facility condition assessment is an exploratory measure conducted to understand the shortcomings of an existing infrastructure as well as the needs of the clients. Condition assessments give owners the knowledge they need to pre-emptively address maintenance issues and save money in the long-run.

Program Planning and Management

Program management involves the management of several connected projects to maintain a universal program scope, respect budgetary restrictions, and achieve an outcome consistent with the performance goals and needs of the client.

Cost Estimating/Controls

Cost estimation and control services allow clients the reassurance of an accurate estimation process that results in a complete and successful project outcome – on time and on budget.

Financial Pro-forma Development

Pro-forma financial services include financial analysis and planning to establish the feasibility of a project from a long term financial and non-financial perspective.

Change Order management

Change order management becomes relevant when the owner, architect, engineer, and other contracted parties agree that a change in the project scope is necessary. Careful management of this process both contractually and on the job site is crucial to ensure a desirable project outcome.

Building Commissioning

Our commissioning services, which are handled by our sister company Commissioning Solutions, ensure all building systems such as HVAC, electrical, lighting, security, plumbing, etc., are operating to the specifications intended by the building designers and owner.